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Delivering state-of-the-art transport solutions for improved patient care and operational efficiencies

Atreo is a global leader in pneumatic waste collection technology and pneumatic tube systems. We serve hospitals of all sizes, and healthcare systems everywhere by helping build sustainable facilities.

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Our Products

Our expertise and focus are on pneumatic tube systems and pneumatic waste and linen collection systems.

TransVac Pneumatic Waste and Linen Collection System

Atreo makes the transport and collection of waste and soiled linen more efficient, creating cleaner and healthier environments for healing, working and living. 

Aerocom Pneumatic Tube System

Atreo is the exclusive provider of Aerocom systems for healthcare in North America.

Our Services

Atreo delivers comprehensive service and support programs to ensure your pneumatic transport system runs smoothly for the lifetime of its operation.

Service and Support

We deliver proactive service and ongoing engagement, so you have confidence in your system, its users and in Atreo as your partner.

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System Conversions

Atreo has the ability to convert pneumatic tube systems originally installed by other manufacturers.

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We help implement continuous operational improvements based on our expertise and decades of experience working directly with healthcare organizations.

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Urban Development

Atreo helps urban centers and public spaces address the age-old problem of waste management with a sustainable solution that reduces collection costs and carbon emissions, and enhances work and living environments.

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